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Just bought 2: one to keep and one to give away.

El taller de Curra - cartonnage

Beautifull book..!!!


I am so excited about your book. :) I just pre-ordered it on Amazon and wish that it was November already!

Tiffany Bauer

Oh wow! Congratulations Emily! That is really awesome! I'll ask Santa for a copy!


Could you tell me what age group this is for? Looks great.


Not to be cheesy, but its really for anyone who will like it. Its not for children specifically, but its not for adults specifically either!


Is there lots of delicate cutting involved? My daughter is 7 and it looks like something she would adore.

I recently ordered your book since I didn't get it for Christmas (even thought it was on my list!). I love it! I'm sure I'll be ordering more to give as gifts.

Isabelle Tovin

which paper doll do you think is most like you

thanks, I love your book!

Laura Tazelaar

I have always loved paper dolls. Your book's intro. really made me smile because it always killed me to cut everything out too:)
I LOVE your book! Thanks for creating it!

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